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Treatment for Hair Loss

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The Knudsen Clinic

Are you suffering from Hair Loss? We treat hair loss. All types of hair loss, in men and women. If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning and you are looking for a solution, see the experts in hair loss treatments that actually work. We offer extensive treatment for people suffering from male and female pattern balding, thinning hair and any other cause of hair loss.

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Hair Loss Diary

Meet Rod, a 29 year old male that suffered from male pattern balding since he was 21. Like most people who suffer from hair loss when they are young, Rod became very self-conscious. He felt his hair loss was ageing him and he constantly wore hats to cover his balding scalp.

See Rod's Story...

The Knudsen clinic was established in 1984 by Dr Russell Knudsen MBBS, FFMACCS, FISHRS. Dr Knudsen’s aim was to offer patients treatment for hair loss that is effective, undetectable, affordable and based on scientific research. He has achieved his goal and has clinics in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland New Zealand and has performed over 6000 hair transplants over 30 years of business.

The Knudsen Clinic is world renowned as a leader in hair restoration, hair transplantation and the treatment of all types of hair loss. This includes hairline lowering, scarring hair loss from any cause, alopecia and eyebrow transplants. Our website offers unbiased, straightforward information and gives you the opportunity to contact Dr Knudsen directly for advice on hair loss treatment for you. Read more about Dr Knudsen’s extensive experience in hair restoration.