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What is a Robotic Hair Transplant?
Robotic hair transplantation is a hair restoration procedure where donor hair is taken directly from the back of the scalp under robotic control with the ARTAS hair transplant robot. The type of hair transplant method where robotic technology is employed is called FUE (follicular unit extraction). In FUE, a small, round punch instrument is used to separate individual follicular units (groups of hairs that occur naturally) from the surrounding skin, so that they can be extracted and then implanted into the thinning or balding area. This process is time consuming and tedious when done by hand and can lead to injury of the follicles and therefore a lower survival rate. ARTAS Robotic surgery allows the FUE procedure to be done faster and in a more precise way. A robotic hair transplant allows follicular units to be extracted one at a time by the image-guided, computer-driven system called ARTAS.
Does a Robot Perform the Entire Hair Transplant?
No it does not. The ARTAS robot can perform the follicular unit isolation under the supervision of your hair transplant surgeon. The rest of the procedure is performed by your hair transplant surgeon and the surgical assistants.
How Long Does a Robotic Procedure Take?
The length of your procedure depends on how large an area you are treating. Small to medium size procedures (around 2,000 grafts) generally take a full day. Larger procedures will need to be performed over two consecutive days.
Does the Robotic FUE leave scars in the donor area?
Yes. The technique will leave individual dot scars on the back of the scalp but these should be minimally visible with even a very short haircut.
Will I need to wear a bandage after the procedure?
Yes. An antibiotic dressing is worn for the first night to protect the donor sites. This bandage is applied only to the donor area. You can wear a cap to cover the grafted area immediately after the procedure.
What is the recovery time for a Robotic Hair Transplant?
Recovering from an ARTAS hair transplant is the same as recovery with a manual FUE device. The donor area heals over 7-10 days. With FUE there are no limitations on strenuous exercise after the procedure.
Do all the Knudsen Clinics have an ARTAS robot?
The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant is exclusive to the Double Bay, Sydney clinic at this time.
ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot