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Hair Loss Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Posted on 24 Sep, 2019
Hair Loss Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

The true meaning of anything described as Stem Cell Therapy should refer to culture of the patients own hair stem cells to they they can be injected into the scalp to replenish the remaining balding hairs. This treatment does not yet exist. Beware of claims that stem cell treatments are available.

Because we are waiting for the development of a successful stem cell therapy, an intermediate step has been developed that stores the patients hair stem cells in cryostorage until they become cultured and used.

In July 2019 the world’s first cryostorage hair bank opened in the UK. The Knudsen Clinic are partners in this venture and currently are applying for a license to harvest the hairs and send them to the UK for storage. We will shortly be able to begin this process and it is currently hoped that treatments can begin in 2021-22.