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Hair Transplant Story

This is Jonathon Moran, a 41 year old Entertainment Journalist. He came to the Knudsen Clinic for a hair transplant seven years ago in 2019.
Jonathon had 2500 grafts (FUT). He was very public about his procedure and wrote articles about his journey for several newspapers. 

After a successful procedure, seven years later he has decided to have another procedure to thicken up his hair. It is important to note that his hair transplanted hair has not fallen out but that he would simply like it to be thicker. He has always had thin hair and with progressive loss of his existing, non-transplanted hair he felt he needed a ‘top up’.


Watch Jonathan's Story Episode 1

We caught up with Jonathan for a chat before his second hair
transplant procedure.


Watch Jonathan's Story Episode 2

Jonathan speaks about his very public hair transplant journey at
The Knudsen Clinic.


Watch Jonathan's Story Episode 3

Jonathan chats about how his hair transplant has impacted
his life.


Watch Jonathan's Story Episode 4

Jonathon Moran chats about his hair transplant procedure and what his
recovery entailed.


Watch Jonathan's Story Episode 5

Jonathan discusses how he chose his hair transplant surgeon.


Watch Jonathan's Story Episode 6

Jonathan's recommendations about finding a hair transplant surgeon.




Hair Transplant Story Article 1

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Hair Transplant Story Article 2


Jonathan Moran

First Procedure Before & After 2500 grafts (Dec 2012)

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