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Your Hair Loss Treatment Consultation

What happens during your hair loss consultation?

You will meet with the Hair Transplant Surgeon to discuss your issues with hair loss. The doctor will assess your individual needs and offer you whichever treatment options are most suitable. The Doctor may also examine your scalp with a video microscope to magnify your hair follicles and scalp so he can assess your level of thinning. A thorough treatment plan will be offered that may include hair loss products or medication and/or hair transplant surgery, the cost involved will also be fully quoted. A detailed brochure about the Knudsen Clinic and the hair loss treatments we offer will be given to you to take as a reference.

How long will it take?

Depending on how many questions you have at your initial consultation, will determine how long the consultation will take. On average it will take 30 minutes for the initial consultation and 15 minutes for subsequent consultations.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the initial consultation is $100. Subsequent consultations cost $75. Scripts are $25. Overseas Patient consultations are $190. Follow up overseas consultations are $120.

If you have a Medicare card, our consultations are partially covered by Medicare. Click here to book a consultation.

Or call us today to arrange an obligation free consultation with a medical expert. At the Knudsen Clinic you will only ever consult with a specialist hair restoration Doctor. Phone now on 1800 685 399.

What if I live too far away from the clinic?

At the Knudsen Clinic we offer telemedicine (Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc) consultations. The cost of an initial telemedicine consultation with the Doctor is $100 if you live in Australia or New Zealand and the duration is around 30 minutes depending on how many questions you may have. Subsequent consultations For Australian and New Zealand patients are $75. 

Consultations for patients from other overseas locations are $175.

It’s simple to set up and may be done outside of regular hours if this is the only option available for you. The same hair loss treatment options will be offered to you as they would be if you attended a consultation at the clinic. 

To book a Skype consultation with the Doctor, please call the clinic on PH: 1800 685 399